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Fall Protection Training

  • Reduce Your Fall Protection Training Investment
  • Learn About Valuable Travel Restraint Systems and Fall Protection Programs
  • Reduce Time Waste and On-Site Injuries
  • Please click our Fall Arrest/Protection FAQs tab to the left for more information!

Fall Arrest and Fall Protection Course Information

20% of injuries in the workplace can be attributed to falls. With Fall Protection and Fall Arrest training, your employees will be safer, your business will be more efficient, and your liability and risk will decrease. The right Fall Arrest/Protection training can make a huge difference.

What Will you Learn?

The course is designed to provide a foundation for learning employee responsibility and caution when working from heights is required. If fall hazards exist in your workplace, this course will help employees protect their own safety using Travel Restraint Systems, roof fall protection, safety nets, a fall protection harness, and much more. Both Fall Arrest and Fall Protection programs are covered. For information about the difference between Fall Protection and Fall Arrest,  please click on our Fall Arrest vs. Fall Protection tab to the left.

  • Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems

  • General Responsibilities

  • Fall Arrest Systems

  • Fall Hazards and Controls

  • Inspection of Equipment

  • Donning a Harness

You can find more detailed information about the subject matter covered in this comprehensive course by clicking the Fall Arrest/Protection Course Content tab to the left. This course covers both federally mandated guidelines and information about local regulations.

Who Needs Fall Protection Training?

Do your employees work in areas where fall hazards exist? Are you unfamiliar with both local and federal Fall Protection programs? Do you have the required safety nets, lifelines, and anchors for your employees? Are you experience time loss due to poor fall protection? You and your employees can benefit from our Fall Protection and Fall Arrest online training modules. A single course provides both comprehensive education and a 2-Year Fall Protection certificate.

On-the-job falls waste time, cause serious injuries, and open your business up to time-consuming and expensive legislation. Reduce these risks with our comprehensive Fall Protection online software. Register and get started today!

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